Episode 1 is the first episode of season 1. In this episode, you play as Prescott investigating the Miller Estate's grounds and cellar.

Walkthrough Edit

Outside Edit

  • Click on well. (optional)
  • Click on arrow. (optional)
  • Leave (optional)

Basement Edit

  • Go to cellar.
  • Click on Matches.
  • Click on lantern.
  • Click on yellow coat.
  • Click on hook.
  • Leave.

Outside Edit

  • Click on Well.
  • Click on arrow.
  • Use hook on rope.
  • Read page (optional)

Cellar Edit

  • Click on key (optional)
  • Click on chest (optiona)
  • Use key on chest (optional)
  • Leave (optional)
  • Click on carpet.
  • Move forward.
  • Click on bottle (optional)
  • Click on each space below the VII.
  • Watch cutscene.

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